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Because modern consumers enjoy authentically crafted goods. We provide hand-crafted glass beveling for small and custom restoration projects- from vintage automotive glass to antique clock glass. Read on:

Around the turn of the last century, there were hundreds of beveling shops owned by artisan glass bevelers. When automated beveling was introduced, the centuries-old craft of hand-beveling glass was slowly replaced by the quicker machine method. Many of these shops went out of business and discarded their old hand-beveling machines.

But what was to be discovered was that those automated beveling machines could not shape smaller items such as architectural glass, crystal glass repairs, hand mirrors, art glass, and many other custom works- only the human hand could do the job. Their skills and services are needed and appreciated even today.

What is so unique about hand-beveled glass and mirrors is that the bevels catch your eye as you move. Imagine walking past an antique mirror- see how the sharp beveled edges seem to flicker and jump before your eyes? You can't achieve that same quality on an automated beveling machine. With these vintage machines, we can craft any size bevel- the sky is the limit!

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